Ceramide Repair Hydro Mask


Firming / Softening

The stratum corneum is the skin’s first line of defense to against the external environment. The excessive accumulation and dehydration of horny cells are the reason to cause the aging skin. Ceramide is not only can repair the stratum corneum but also maintain the epidermal barrier. It contains abundant of collagen and calendula extract which form a thin film on the epidermis to increase the moisture content at the skin surface. Long lasting hydration for allday rejuvenation.

Vitamin B12 Moisturizing Hydro Mask


Midnight Repairing / Moisturizing / Firming

The external environment will cause aging skin and run off nutrients from the skin rapidly. Nighttime is prime time for skin cell regeneration. It’s able to repair the damaged skin through the night. Add vitamin B12 to recuperate the skin and make the skin obtain full nutrients. Go with Syn® -Hycan and lavender flower water, which are not only firm the skin but also make the skin more soothing and moisture.

Fibroin Soft Hydro Mask


Firming / Moisturizing / Protecting

The external environment will cause aging skin. Fibroin is rich in multiple amino acids to avoid sun damage, protect the skin and enhance skin tightness simultaneously. Add Matrixyl 3000® which combines with tripeptides and dipeptides to repair damaged skin. Go with BIOPHYTEXTM LS 9832 which is vegetal complex to soothe and enhancethe skin’s elasticity.

Arbutin Brightening Hydro Mask


Exfoliating / Moisturizing / Brightening 

ErmalRx® SRC, the exclusive oligopeptide sequence technology is able to gently remove the dead horny cells, goes with α-Arbutin to inhibit activated tyrosinase and improve the skin tone and also combine with Pentavitin® to maintain the moisture balance of skin. Pentavitin® retains moisture and hydrates the skin to activate the skin's natural defenses against harsh environments.